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In their second generation, Cosori gives you a cutting-edge culinary appliance with all of the usual bells and whistles and then some. The design features focus on convenience, safety, and efficiency. Now, you can prepare meals faster and clean-up is a breeze.

COSORI 8Qt 8-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker Review

In their second generation, Cosori gives you a  cutting-edge culinary appliance with all of the usual bells and whistles and then some. The design features focus on convenience, safety, and efficiency.  Now, you can prepare meals faster and clean-up is a breeze.

This large pressure cooker is perfect for a large family or a crowd. In addition, if you want to cook ahead for your freezer or storage, you now have the capacity to do so.

Save Space in Your Pantry

The Cosori 8 quart 8-1 Electric Pressure cooker could replace many of your current appliances. You can use it as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker. food warmer, hot pot, saute pan, and steamer. Preset programs provide automatic pressure and times.

The 10 pressurized settings are:

  • Meat/Stew
  • Poultry
  • Soup
  • Beans/Chili
  • White Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • Multigrain
  • 2 steam settings

Also, there are 7 non-pressure settings such as:

  • slow cook
  • yogurt
  • pasta/boil
  • hot pot
  • sauté/brown
  • bake
  • reheat
  • keep warm.

For just about anything you want to cook, there is a setting to match. Your slow cooker and rice cooker will miss you.

Lots of Control with Adjustable Times and Pressure Settings

You can cook up to 70% faster with Cosori’s advanced steam technology which seals in steam. It also seals in all the vitamins and minerals ensuring great nutrition for those you love.

And you can adjust cooking times and pressures. There are 2 manual cooking modes and 6 pressure cooking levels You can make these adjustments during the cooking process, as well. The ability to adjust both cooking times and pressures really give you control of the cooking process.

Tools to Ensure Your Success

In addition to the Pressure Cooker Base and 3-ply stainless steel inner pot, Cosoro has a lot of extra tools in the box. These include several utensils (spoon, ladle, measuring cup), a steamer rack, a glass lid, an extra sealing ring (This is really handy!) There is also a recipe cookbook, and user manual. The recipes and user manual are very thorough and clear – not the case for all pressure cookers.

The glass lids allow you to see what’s cooking inside the pot. This is especially important for non- pressure functions. You will easily monitor the cooking process. And the fact that it is included in your initial purchase is really helpful!

The 3-Ply bottom of the  Stainless Steel Inner pot ensures that heat is distributed throughout and that food cooks evenly. Even better, the pot, glass lid and stainless steel steamer rack with handle are all dishwasher safe.

Certified for Safety

The Cosiri electric pressure cooker is safe and certified to use by ETL, FCC, and FDA. ETL is an independent Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory. They test electric appliances for compliance with UL standards.

Cosori has 9 built-in safety mechanisms to eliminate daily errors.

  1. A Pressure Limiter keeps pressure within safe operating levels.
  2. The Lid Locks once pressure starts to build. You can’t open the lid when there is pressure in the pot.
  3. Anti-Clog Protection keeps food particles from blocking the pressure release valve. This means you will always be able to release the pressure in the pot quickly and easily.
  4.  The Lid Position Monitor keeps the pressure cooker from turning on if the lid is not positioned correctly.
  5. Pressure Auto-Control Guard ensures that the pressure stays in a safe range.
  6. Electrical Current Monitor turns off the pressure cooker if the there is excessive electrical current, such as in the event of a power surge.
  7. Excessive Pressure Protection releases pressure to avoid dangerous internal situations.
  8. Temperature Controller ensures food is evenly cooked, but not burned.
  9. Excess Temperature Monitor turns off power to the temperature fuse if, for some reason, the internal temperature gets too hot.

These safety features ensure that you can cook without concern of burning yourself or your food.

Great Customer Support

After reading many, many reviews, it is clear that Cosori customer service is very good. They have an unconditional 30-day return policy and a 24-hour service line. The pressure cooker also comes with a 1-year warranty and lifetime support from the manufacturer.  You can be confident in your purchase and the service the company provides. You will enjoy preparing many simple, healthy and delicious meals with your electric pressure cooker.


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